Glove Warranty

All batting gloves purchased as of January 1, 2024 or after, come with our GLOVE GUARANTEE. At Sandlot Custom Gloves, we strive to make the highest quality batting gloves through design, materials, craftsmanship, AND customer service. We hope that you find our gloves to be the most durable and comfortable on the market. Details of our GLOVE GUARANTEE are as follows:

The GLOVE GUARANTEE is valid only to the original purchaser to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of 90 days from the day of receipt. During the GLOVE GUARANTEE period, a pair of gloves is eligible for a single replacement at no additional cost to the purchaser, if the purchaser files a claim, provides proof of purchase, provides images which clearly show the damage, and is approved by Sandlot Custom Glove.

The GLOVE GUARANTEE does NOT COVER the following: (1) Cosmetic damage caused by normal wear and tear; (2) damage caused by accident or improper care and maintenance; (3) Damage caused by additives such as adhesive sprays, chemicals, etc (4) misuse; (5) sweat/water damage and damage caused by other extreme environmental conditions  (6) damage caused by service or modification made and performed by anyone outside of Sandlot Custom Gloves.



Sandlot Custom Gloves offers our SATISFACTION GUARANTEE on all other products. This doesn’t necessarily mean that equipment and apparel won't eventually fail. But, if you aren't satisfied with how long our gear lasted, we will do our best to "make it right" for you. As a small business, it’s our mission to provide a great customer service experience. Email us at for any questions.